100% Organic Cotton Sweatpants/Joggers: Comfy, Where Art Thou?

How hard is it to find an ultra comfy pair of trackie bottoms made from soft, quality organic cotton – hard enough it seems. Those who look for the ultimate comfort are the biggest tree huggers. So let’s stop “going towards” the right direction with pseudo-organics — we need to re-think and make some good sweatpants!


Take for example the organic cotton fleece sweat pants from Rawganique. They were such a huge hit, that they had a hard time maintaining stock. And now when they have stock — they also have coconut buttons for adjusting the length. Fail.

Keeping things simple, and perfect is another troublesome issue for us nitpicks. Will keep on looking and scanning online stores — and keep everyone posted. Until then, will lounge with my trusty silk trousers.

Know where to get a good pair of jogging bottoms?

Please, let us know in the comments!

David Abt

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