DigitalOcean Free Credit: Latest Extended Best Value Offer

This is currently the best way to obtain free credit for use of DigitalOcean accounts.

Note that this is also better than the Student Developer Pack offer (using it is not possible together with the below method, so you’ll have to choose either one).

Free DigitalOcean Credit

How this works?

Simple, sign up “with this link” to get the free credit.

What can I do with this?

With a free $100 credit you have loads of room to play.

From hosting websites, learning cloud computing, running open source or other software to building apps. And once that credit expires, you have affordable prices for pretty much all the cloud resources you may ever need at your disposal.

A closer look on what exactly you could be doing with free credit.

  1. You could run a large number of websites, or even create 10 separate droplets for hosting CMS software like WordPress within their own server cloud architecture.
  2. You could utilize droplets to run many different kinds of open source applications such as Minecraft, Mattermost or even host your own VPN server.
  3. You could build a container-based Kubernetes application environment with a 5-node cluster.
  4. You could build and run web apps. For testing purposes or even use a fully managed PaaS environment for two months.

To put it simply, DigitalOcean is highly scalable and with this offer one should be able to get the most of it for a limited time.

And not forgetting that they’re a developer friendly cloud platform.

No wonder they are so popular.

Digital Ocean Logo

Hope this helps and comments/questions/problems welcome below.

I’ll do my best to answer them with my years of experience in running DO droplets.

Any questions, comments?

Write them below.

David Abt

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  1. I can confirm that this is the real deal.. but worth mentioning had to make a small deposit to use PayPal. Anyway, works.


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