Lounge in Quality Men’s Sweatpants! Good Looking & Comfy Brands

It’s expensive to buy cheap clothes — and when it comes to sweatpants, the mountain of waste accumulating, dirt cheap pants is overwhelming. Buying quality is the way to not just lounge in style, lounge pants are one of the most important pieces of apparel to fall in love with, and that love should be long lasting as well.

Here are brands that make good quality sweatpants/joggers for men.

Jump Sweatpants

Hugo Boss: Boss Green

The outerwear winter collection “Boss Green” from the German mega fashion brand beats the breeze. They have a whole range of lounge pants — made from soft cotton jersey for comfortable all day use and to defy those fall/winter temperatures. With Hugo Boss, you are looking for a perfect fit and minimal design.

Tip: Check out the men’s “Hadiko” series for cuffed jogger track pants.

Hanro: Long Pants

The swiss luxury clothing brand has always something nice in store — with a whole range of elegant patterns and colors, you can lounge with style in their 100% cotton, classic pants. A skillful combination of loungewear and sleepwear.

Tip: Check out their “Long Pants” series for ultimate comfort.

Burton: Analog Fleece Pants

The most classic snowboarding brand has a fashion sub-brand Analog — making warm and durable pants for the going, sporty types. Their fleece pants are a big hit and past season stuff is hard to get. Made for winter fun with style and great wear.

Tip: Look our for the next fall/winter collection for available stock.

What’s your luxury in sweatpants?

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