Merino Wool’s Soothing Warmth: Undergarments for Men’s Needs

Merino wool comes from merino sheep, which are bread mainly around Australia and New Zealand. The fiber of the wool is substantially longer and thinner compared to more common types of wool. That’s why merino wool is soft, it doesn’t tickle and is suitable for those with sensitive skin. And most important of all it feels great!

Merino Sheep

For many it’s still a relatively new material, however it is in common use amongst outdoor enthusiasts that need a well performing and warm base layer. Making it perfect for layer clothing — nearly everyone gets hooked from the get go! The extreme comfort attracts the skin to wear the clothes again and again.

A personal favorite amongst merino undergarments is Minus33 — an American company that has an astounding collection of clothing, underwear and socks for anything from skiing, hiking, running, walking as well as just staying warm and cozy at home. They have great range from light, mid-weight to heavy to suit different weather conditions, as well as many colors to satisfy pretty much any man out there.

Personally, I was pretty much hooked after trying their classic and much popular ‘Men’s Kancamagus Bottoms’ and ‘Chocorua Shirt’. All 100% well made merino goodness that’s now hard to live without.. be warned that price tag is set accordingly. But long lasting durability will save you in the long run!

Merino wool products are know to be some of the best quality wool apparel. If you want the good stuff — try it out and you won’t be disappointed.

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David Abt

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