Mountain Apparel: Organic & Eco–conscious Snowboarder Brands

Snowboarders need well made clothing to keep warm and dry, to withstand tough conditions. But it’s more than just snowboarding — an outdoor, cozy loving, good looking life style. Which is why many turn to snowboard brands for anything from riding to resting. Organic cotton and ecologically aware clothing manufacture is not just for nature lovers — but those who like good stuff. The snowboarders!

Here are brands that have made the list.

Snowboarder Clothing


The largest “sustainable” snowboard brand in the world has a whole range of outerwear, footwear and accessories up for grabs. Along with their fashion sub-brands: Analog and Gravis — their focus is more on responsible labor practices, as well as the environment, health and safety of workers and wearers. But despite being well made, tree huggers hopes fall short as hardly any contain organic fabrics.

Shop with Burton for a semi-clear conscious.

Picture Organic

This is a French brand that makes products for snowboarding and for the outdoors from organic, recycled materials. Great concept but lacks everything else.

Shop here if you have no taste.

Know any more eco-brands for snowboarders? Leave a comment!

David Abt

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