Snapchat Support: 1-Week Access to Problem Solving Experts

In today’s post I’d like to share an experience with JA and their Snapchat support team consisting of experts that were able to help me better than Snapchat Support.

Getting any kind of human assistance from Snapchat has been difficult with a very narrow scope of issues they are even willing to deal with.

But this way, I’ve gotten all the help I need.

You can contact them with a 1-week trial by “with this link“.

Snapchat Support

Be it password, access or login issues or just figuring out to do anything with Snapchat you can get all kinds of help from these guys without waiting times.

Instead of Snapchat’s optimized support funnel, as far as my experience with them goes, you get an optimized support experience meant to tailor all kinds of problems.

Just plain and simple access to Snapchat experts.

To this day it astounds me how Snapchat can keep up their current system despite making huge profits from their users, as for example having lost my password and unable to recovery my account seemed completely impossible. I was not even offered a contact form field to fill out and was pushed at ready articles.

Fine, for most normal cases Snapchat may have good solutions.

But anything that is out of the most ordinary scope of customer care is mostly not even dealt with. And when you do get lucky enough to reach someone you might doubt their existence as a human being.

Fact is that a lot of non-computer savvy people like myself need to be walked through stuff. Just the sight of an so called easy step-by-step help article puts me off.

No matter how well crafter articles they may write, I think a huge company like Snapchat should provide better support where they actually look into the individual issue a user is having and their real needs. Not putting you into some category and expecting everyone to be the same.

I apologize for the rant but I believe it explains the need for services like JA which of course are normally paid services, something I’d like Snapchat to pay the bill for.

At least, my wish would be that there would be a simple email address that you could write to in the hopes of maybe having a discussion with someone who actually works with Snapchat.

Not some outsourced help center service trained to echo written command.

Snapchat Not Working

I’ve done a simple experiment with Google and tested out what kinds of problems people are searching for on Google by searching for “Snapchat not working”.

And turns out there are many issues users are having.

  1. Why is snapchat not working on mobile data with my iphone?
  2. Why is my snapchat password not working even after the reset?
  3. How to turn off two-factor authentication on snapchat without logging in
  4. What can I do if snapchat recovery code is lost?
  5. Why would someone hack my snapchat account?
  6. How to unlock a permanently locked snapchat account?
  7. How can I send a direct email to Snapchat support?
  8. Why does snapchat keep logging me out and changing my password?
  9. Where can I get better support than official Snapchat customer care?
  10. What can I do if snapchat crashes every time I’m sending video?
  11. Why is Snapchat support quality so poor?
  12. What is a cool snapchat feature most people don’t know about?
  13. What is Snapchat’s toll-free phone number?

And a lot of these questions in my humble opinion don’t even have any really good help articles that come up when you search for them.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Please, provide us with better quality customer support. I know you’re making big profits so spend some of it on us too.

And last but not least, gotta love Snapchat <3

Much thanks for reading!

David Abt

17 thoughts on “Snapchat Support: 1-Week Access to Problem Solving Experts”

    • Could you specify what are the steps that lead you to this problem and if there are any error messages or other details of the problem?
      And have you tried the support options outlined above?
      Thanks for your question.

  1. Hi, I got a message to say my account had been compromised and now when trying to reset my password I’m not receiving anything in my email inbox for a password reset and it won’t let me use an alternative email. Please help

    I don’t care about the account just the memories saved on the account.

  2. Hi there please help me with my situation. My account has been deactivated for no reason at all. I haven’t done a single thing, and I feel as if it was a hacker because it happened randomly logging me out of my account. I tried logging back in to reactivate it, but my email, phone number, and my password was changed apparently. What do I do?

  3. Not varrfying my account and the verification code that it’s sending to is not the right email my real email is but the one on my snap is I was wondering how I could reset my email

  4. My snaps keeps saying that they can’t find me when I try logging in but my snap is still there my friends can see my snap but I can’t log in on any phone

  5. Hi please help. I logged out of my account to try and log into my old one. When I went to log back into my current one, my password didn’t work, I resetted it, and still didn’t work when I tried to log back in. I tried a couple more times and now my phone number won’t work for my account, or email.

  6. Hi so I was told someone hacked my account a few days ago. I was unable to reset my password because when I entered my email it said it was unable to process. (My phone isn’t connected) I am now locked out of my Snapchat and can’t change my password.

  7. Hi , today I tired to log in my old Snapchat account but I forgot my password & I tried to reset but I remember I also forgot my email & number I used with that old account , please help me out ! ❤️

  8. I can’t get back into my account because the phone number and email they are trying to verify is not the one I have access too anymore please help me reset my password

  9. Hey I am not able to login my snap chat I remember my password by I created my account with fake email and not it is showing that your account has been compromised so change password can u plz help!!!!


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